Renting A Dumpster? 3 Questions You May Have About It


If you are doing a home renovation project, a dumpster is very handy to have throughout the process. You'll not have to bother with bagging up waste and taking it to the curb on garbage day, since everything can be tossed directly into the dumpster to save you from unnecessary hassle. Before you rent, you may have some questions about how dumpster rentals work. What Kind of Time Limit Is There?

25 May 2016

Three Signs You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


When your septic tank is working properly, you shouldn't even have to think about it. The tank should do its job without any effort or concern on your part. However, in order to keep your tank functioning in this manner, you'll need it have it pumped periodically. This will remove the excess solid waste built up in the bottom of the tank, ensuring there is enough space for liquid to keep flowing in.

4 February 2016

'Tis The Season - The Importance Of Dumpster Rental In The Christmas Season


The Christmas season does not just come with the dilemma of finding time to shop for everyone on your list. It is also the time when 87 percent of Americans get into the Christmas spirit by putting up lights and displays. In fact, in addition to the decorations that you already had at home, you probably added your fair share to the $6 billion that was spent in 2011 on decorations and will probably spend more this year.

17 November 2015

Understand How Basement Plumbing Works Before Planning Your New Bathroom


If you're remodeling your basement to make an extra bedroom or family living area, you may want to add an extra bathroom at the same time. Another bathroom in the house always comes in handy. However, putting a bathroom in a basement is not the same as installing one above the ground. Here are a few things you should know. Basement Bathrooms Work Against Gravity The drains and toilets in your house empty into your main sewer pipe because of gravity.

10 September 2015

Routine Septic System Maintenance


If you have just bought your first home, you will soon find out the importance of doing routine maintenance on the appliances and systems within so they can do their jobs properly. The septic system is one part that needs to be regularly evaluated and cared for so you do not have downtime in your water usage within the home. Here are some steps to take in maintaining your septic system.

1 July 2015

Three Septic Solutions When Your Soil Test Is Not the Best


Before you have a septic system installed for your home, a soil test needs to be done. This is to see what type of soil you have, the water table and how well affluent (liquid waste) will filter. With some soils, conventional septic systems cannot be used. This is due to poor filtration, which if this is your case, you will have to install an alternative system such as an aerobatic septic system.

25 June 2015

What To Do If You Can't Find Your Septic Tank


Most newer septic tank systems have what are called "risers"—a lidded access port to the tank at ground level that makes locating and pumping the septic tank easier. However, if you have an older tank, you may not have a riser, and it will be necessary to dig down to find the tank lid. So what can you do if you don't know where your septic tank is? Anyone you hire to pump out your septic tank will be able to locate it for you as well.

19 June 2015